Monday, February 3, 2014

Two Roseville Hip Hop Artists Are Creating Their Own Destiny

February, 4th, 2014 (Roseville, California) – Rosevile natives BP and PraDuh have been writing and recording hip-hop music together for the past 4 years. In that time they have released three original albums with their fourth one on the way, “Wasted Talent” set to release February 21st, 2014. This hard working group has also released a hand of full music videos, launched their own websites to engage their fans and have toured up and down the west coast performing their music. To the blind eye their efforts sound expensive when listing their accomplishments in comparison to the success of similar artist, but amazingly enough this duo has not reached into their wallets yet. BP and PraDuh have stepped off the beaten path to create their own destiny. This group has managed to assembled a small team of graphic designers, web developers, videographers, and promoters to work towards one goal, promote BP and PraDuh's music.
This team of hardworking dedicated individuals are centered around a common do it yourself attitude and it's this approach that has lead to their success. “When we began making music, we had a studio, but no instrumentals, so I taught myself how to make them” stated PraDuh. On the same topic PraDuh went on to further explain, “in the beginning we didn't have much money to invest in our projects, but we needed music videos, event flyers and artwork created. So BP and myself reached into our fan base and began recruiting members to join the team. Fast forward four years later and our team has grown along with our resources, in fact the only thing we outsource now for any of our projects is the CD duplication”.
It's this do it your self mentality that keeps this group moving forward is the most efficient way to reach their goals. “We never have to wait for other people, if we need something done we do it, simple as that” stated BP. The group has been working hard on their new album “Wasted Talent” which is expected to release February, 21st, 2014. In celebration of their new album, the group is throwing a release show at Bar 101 February, 21st, 2014 in Roseville, California. “BP and PraDuh's shows are full of energy and are always a good time” explains Dellucha, the groups videographer. The show is 21 and older and $5.00 at the door, which gets you a copy of their new album “Wasted Talent”.

For more information, contact:

Michael “PraDuh” Nizuk
901 Sunrise blvd. Suite A 16
Roseville, California, 95661

Monday, January 6, 2014

Rap Over Your Song, Kill Your Career - Diamond Wood Music

Picture this, you pay $5 to enter a local hip hop show, excited to view some local artist. You grab a drink at the bar and move up to the front of the stage as the host announces the 1st act mc “ Golden Boner”. The beat starts, you start to head bob to the groove and then it happens. Mc “ Golden Boner” begins to rap, which is great if he were really rapping, unfortunately this asshole is rapping over his own song and its more embarrassing than Ashley Simpson's SNL fiasco. By the end of the song you find yourself outside talking shit about this idiot and demanding your money back.

When I witness this crime it makes me frustrated, at what point did this become the cool thing to do. I go to shows expecting to see a performance, I want to feel your pain, happiness, and all the fucking sweat and time you have invested into your music. It's about having pride and believing in your art, I have bought a shitty album (which I didn’t know at the time) before just because the artists show had so much energy and captured my attention.

As a artist it is more important to understand that every time you get on stage you represent your product. Its like your Billy fucking Mays on that stage, but instead of a corny pitch and product your delivering entertainment that captures the audience and in return sells your product. Its not fucking rocket science, its common sense and you look dumb. Heres some advice, take some time to practice your set before every show and try to add a some form of entertainment to your set. For example, if you have a catchy chorus on one of your songs you can ask the crowd before the song begins to say a certain word or portion of it every time you point the mic to them. The idea is to get creative and keep the crowd interested in you and your art.

So with all that being said if you read this and become inspired to create a awesome show then two thumbs up, but if you still think its cool to rap over your songs your an idiot, I hate you and your music. On a happy note I am so thankful to be blessed with the gift of being an awesome artist and to be able to have the creative mind to put on a epic show!! Thank you baby jesus

This blog is for me (PraDuh) to talk shit and argue, so feel free to leave your comments and thoughts!! 

Friday, June 21, 2013

BP and PraDuh new albums "Brew N Raps" is out now!!

The debut album from PraDuh and BP is out now and available for download, click the link below.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Brew N Raps Review

Our friend Tom Lohrmann took time out of his day to listen to BP and PraDuh's album "Brew N Raps" and gave a great review that we are really proud of. He also gave a great interview to the duo, that your sure to enjoy.
Download Now 

Interview and Album Review for BP and PraDuh "Brew N Raps"